Our proprietary Infinite Acres Loop system is the nerve center of every farm.

Loop is a comprehensive platform, encompassing software and algorithms, environmental controls, robotics, and automation. It ensures the highest efficiencies, quality, and yields in the industry, helping plants grow from seed to healthy, ready-to-eat produce.

GroLoop Software and Data Analytics

Whether we’re precisely predicting harvest yields or assigning hands-on tasks to growers and operators, everything starts with our GroLoop software. The magic is in the data: our state-of-the-art sensors and cameras inform crop recipes built for farm yields, flavor, and nutrition. Iterative data loops drive constant improvement.

Proprietary Environmental Controls

Advanced lighting controls deliver the exact spectrum and intensity that each crop needs, while a proprietary air flow system controls the temperature, humidity, and CO2, making sure conditions are perfect for each growing stage. These controls integrate with our GroLoop software to complete the constant, real-time feedback loop that continuously collects and analyzes data and proactively controls each plant’s microclimate with extreme precision.

High Efficiency Water Management

Our plants receive precisely the right amount and type of nutrients, free of harmful contaminants. In addition, our advanced water controls recirculate excess water from irrigation, condense evaporation via the air-treatment system, and recapture rainwater to ensure that our farms use up to 95% less water per pound of produce than land-based farms.

Integrated Robotics and Automation

Specialized robotic equipment handles crop activities such as seeding, transplanting, and harvesting. All plants are automatically conveyed from the seedling stage to harvest without human intervention. This level of automation increases quality and consistency to ensure the highest safety standards for our produce.