Full Service Solution
For Indoor Farming

The challenge is too great to go it alone, and that collaborating with industry leaders and innovators across specialties is the best approach.

We provide complete design/build services for turn-key automated indoor farms.

On Site Installation
Holistic System Design & Technology
R&D Capabilities
Operational Support & Service
Consulting Services


Our climate technology ensures the most consistent temperature, humidity and air speed customized for each crop.


Advanced lighting controls allow us to deliver the exact spectrum, intensity, and amount of light for each crop and each crop growing phase.


Led by food industry experts, our operations team leverage decades of shared experience bringing high quality, nutritious, safe, and delicious food to mass markets.


We use an interlaced network of vision and sensor technology to monitor all aspects of the growing environment to assure high quality and high yield growth.


Intelligent fertigation systems deliver precisely the right amount and type of nutrients at precisely the right time and free of harmful contaminants.


Our experience in successfully producing multiple crops on the commercial scale has helped us develop unique growing formulas to maximize flavor, yield, and growth speed.