the power of egoless collaboration

That’s how our company was founded: Infinite Acres started as a strategic partnership between 80 Acres Farms, Priva, and Ocado; technology leaders who were looking for better ways to grow indoors. Today, our farms run on a network of proprietary, co-developed, and existing technologies.

We invest in long-term, highly collaborative relationships with partners who can help us grow better.


Siemens recently invested in our parent company, 80 Acres Farms, opening doors to collaboration across a broad spectrum of technologies that we are exploring together.

From the beginning, Ocado has supported our work with their knowledge of robotics and predictive analytics in grocery—the most difficult retail segment to deliver online profitably, sustainably, and at scale.

We work closely with Signify to innovate and optimize lighting in indoor farming, combining our plant knowledge with their understanding of lighting. Our collaboration includes work on technological innovations, yield predictions, and light recipes.

Infinite Acres is actively supporting Delphy’s Team Vertical Farming Program—an attempt to bridge research and practical applications in commercial vertical farms. With Team Vertical Farming, Delphy is developing and implementing cultivation knowledge that will help make vertical farming a sustainable and profitable venture.
Our founding partners at Priva have more than sixty years of experience in controlled-environment agriculture and have spent decades pioneering automation. We work closely together to continuously innovate and optimize technology for climate control and irrigation in indoor farms.