a technology company with a green thumb

It is our mission to make locally produced, fresh, highly nutritious and great-tasting food accessible and affordable for everyone, all over the world, without the negative ecological impact.

Our Purpose

We want to help fix broken food systems by making indoor farming scalable, profitable, and sustainable.
Through crop-centered, proven, state-of-the-art technology, continuous innovation, and collaboration with our partners, our farms allow customers to grow high-quality and affordable fresh produce anywhere in the world. We can eliminate pesticides and herbicides entirely, dramatically reduce water usage, optimize energy use, and we reduce the need for transportation to the bare minimum.

We are growing the future of food.

Who We Are

Our roots are in the Netherlands and in the US. We combine world-class Dutch horticultural technology with cutting-edge American manufacturing and processing technology.

Our experts have integrated decades of industrial, technological, and horticultural know-how into a technology platform based on proven solutions and continuous innovation and improvement.

Our software and hardware engineers, data scientists, crop specialists, architects, and other indoor agriculture professionals develop every aspect of our vertical farms—from building design and construction to the programs that monitor our plants twenty-four hours a day, leaving nothing to chance. Almost all of our engineers and other technical specialists have been involved in growing crops at some point in their careers. Our people know plants, and our plant-centered technology reflects that.

Infinite Acres is a wholly owned subsidiary of 80 Acres Farms.