Growing the Future of Food

We are remaking the global food supply to create a world of delicious, nutritious, and readily available produce for everyone.

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Our Food Supply is Broken

“Whether you look at it from a human health, environmental or climate perspective, our food system is currently unsustainable and given the challenges that will come from a rising global population that is a really serious thing to say,”

Tim Benton, professor of population ecology, University of Leeds.

Global Hunger

872 Million people experience hunger each year.

Lack of Nutrition

30% of people are unable to obtain enough essential vitamins.

Wasted Food

1 billion tons, or 30% of all food produced is wasted.

Food Supply






Carbon Emissions

Food production contributes 30% of all CO2 emissions.

From Imagination to Reality

If you could design a food supply from scratch, there are critical criteria to consider. You'd want to make sure it produced clean food free from contaminants, disease, and unhealthy chemicals. You would want it to be environmentally friendly and respectful of our agricultural land and freshwater supplies. And you'd want it to serve everyone, everywhere regardless of their wealth.

Clean & Healthy

Produce grown with our technology is entirely clean and healthy to eat with less handling and lower risk of contamination.

Easy on the Environment

We use no pesticides, zero harmful chemicals, and 97% less water than traditional farming.

Efficient Distribution

By reducing the distance from farm to fork we are able to limit emissions while delivering more nutritious and delicious food.

Reliable and Secure

Our vertical farms eliminate weather, disease, and pest risk for increased food security.

We build vertical farms

on a global scale.

Working in collaboration with the best minds, and incorporating the best technologies available across a broad spectrum of specialties, we are uniquely capable of supporting the scale needed to address food supply challenges around the world.

Let’s do this together.

Everyone has a part to play in creating a future of delicious, clean, and environmentally responsible food. Explore how you can make a direct impact in the transformation of our shared food supply. Discover how you can help create a more delicious and environmentally friendly future.